Be true to who you are. Be true to who you are.
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never expect, never presume, always work hard and always be true to who you are- jessie j.
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im still overwhelmed when people like my post or message me like “oh someone knows i exist”

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I know it will never happen but it doesn’t hurt to try

STOP! REBLOG THIS. i dont care what your “blog style” is, this could change someones life. just ask you one favour. you could save a life.




can we just take a second to realize that there are 14 year olds that weren’t born in the 90’s. just fucking let that sink in.

what the fuck does he want now


Thats it that’s the single greatest pun on tumblr

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There’s so many things I want to change about myself. My hair, my clothes, my weight, my body and my personality.. So basically absolutely everything. Where do I start??

Being in a group of 5 is horrible. There’s someone who’s not got that ‘best’ best friend out of the group when the others have paired up. It’s always been me, I’ve never had that one best friend. I always feel like the tag along and the one that gets left out

Please don’t let me wake up tomorrow


my best friends ~


i love sleeping. it’s the only time when you can escape reality.

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how do you say ‘please talk to me more i crave your company’ to someone without sounding like a creep

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no one ever likes me as much as i like them 

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